A Guide to Hiring a Nanny-Described

Hiring a nanny can be a nerve-wracking experience, but the benefits can be enormous!. Instead of having to drop your child off at a crowded daycare center each morning, and struggling to find an alternative if you work an odd shift or on holidays, you can find a person who will care for your child in your own home. A nanny can become like a trusted member of the family!Live in nanny or Daytime only? read the post

You can choose from:

Live in ‘au pair’ type nanny
Daytime or night nanny depending on your work schedule
Many live in nannies also double as housekeeper / cook, and can chauffeur children too and from activities. Make sure all duties are set down in writing to avoid any confusion on either side.

One more Benefit…
When you have a nanny, you don’t have to worry about child care if your child catches a cold, and you know they are getting one on one care at all times. Day cares can have an enormous turnover, and the ratio of staff to children means only minimal care is given – a nanny will be completely devoted to your child and provide a sense of continuity and security.

How To Find a Good Nanny?
A good nanny will make sure to keep the line between their role and yours as parents completely clear to your child, and won’t encourage being called ‘Mommy’ or trying to supplant you. They will also respect your beliefs and wishes as to how your child should be raised.

One you found a good …
do your best to hang onto them! A nanny you can trust and like is not a thing that grows on every tree, so you will be fortunate if you can secure the services of a caring, warm professional. Treat them with respect, and they will care for your child as well as if it was their own offspring!

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