Brief History Of 24 Hr Towing

It may seem normal in the 21st century to have a recovery service of breakdown cover company attend your car and then transport it back home or to anywhere in the UK as part of your agreement. You also may think that as the two top breakdown cover organisations have been attending breakdowns and supporting their members for over 100 years now, that this recovery service has been around right through the golden years of motoring, but you would be wrong.tow truck Tampa

In fact the breakdown recovery service only became part of the service offered from the early seventies, as before that only roadside assistance was given. Roadside assistance is where an engineer will attend your vehicle, attempt to repair the fault, but then if it can’t be fixed by the roadside, it will be then at most, towed to a local garage. This was in fact the only service being offered by the motoring clubs right up until the early seventies when another major breakdown cover organisation started trading, National Breakdown.tow truck santa fe

So it’s quite astonishing to imaging that the recovery service has only been around for less than 40 years and that most of the technology has needed to be created or invented in that timescale. Actually when you look back at the old vintage photos of the RAC and AA, you never saw a vehicle that looked like a recovery vehicle. Just cars, small vans and even Norton motorcycles, their role was to attempt to get your car started and small repairs nothing else.towing Murfreesboro

Breakdown recovery vehicles have had to play catch up with other commercial vehicles, but they have done a good job at that. Even 25 years ago, you can see vans with nothing much more than a winch and a hook hanging from the vehicle. Now modern recovery vehicles are fitted with hydraulic machinery, electrics and pro power to make breakdown recovery just that bit easier, although no one is saying the actual job is easy.

In fact every year now there is what is called the “Tow Show” in the UK, where manufacturers and retailers come together to show all the latest equipment, machinery, tools and recovery vehicles available, dedicated to those in the recovery business. You can find out more information about the “Tow Show” Online. Every year the show becomes more and more hi tech, to deal with the increased professional demand. There is an argument that the modern car is more reliable than ever, but it still does not prevent the breakdowns or even car accidents that these breakdown recovery personnel often have to attend to.towing Midland TX

Now if you breakdown and you have a policy with a breakdown cover company, you can have you car winched on the back of the recovery vehicle and actually sit in your own car as it is transported with you, to any chosen location in mainland UK. There is little chance of your car front wheels being lifted of the ground and your car being towed, whilst you huddle next to the recovery vehicle driver. Professional is the word for modern breakdown recovery in the 21st century.

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