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Types of Dentist

In taking care of every person’s oral health, the service of the dentist is important. With all the knowledge that dentists acquired and the experience they had gone through in the field of dentistry, their competence as medical professionals is of high quality. They perform treatments for your oral issues and all other preventive measures. H. Peter Ku, D.D.S., PA

There are a variety of services that the work of the dentist is composed of. They perform filling of cavities, works in treating gingivitis, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, reconstructive dentistry and a lot more. As time passes by, the field of dentistry is continuously evolving to give satisfaction to the public in terms of oral health care. Generally, dentistry covers various study areas that consist of services of various kinds. Dentists come in different specializations. They are also classified according to the age of the people they particularly deal with and also in terms of the geographical location that they cover. They are general or public dentists or private dentist.

Public Health/General Dentists and Private Dental Practitioner

These kinds of dentists are usually seen in community areas. Promotion of practicing healthy dental care within the vicinity that they are place in is their responsibility. A community based dental practitioner pays much attention in the community as a whole not only to a particular person. Basic care and other relevant programs are their responsibility. On the contrary when it comes to private practice of a dentist, one is more focused on a particular patient. Their patients will go to a private practitioner’s clinic for treatment and diagnosis. Whether a dentist is a public or private one, he can still be categorized in terms of the type of oral problems that he specializes. Below are the various types of such special fields.


These dental practitioners work on clients who have problems with unsatisfactory or missing teeth. Usually, prosthodontics diagnosis, restores or repair dental functions. What they mainly do is perform tooth implant, reconstruction and restoration of the teeth’s function and any other things related to it.


This is another type of dentistry that deals with dental soft tissue and its periradicular tissue. This primarily focuses in studying the normal human pulp and other relevant diagnosis in connection, proper course of treatment and other certain injuries in the pulp area. Their specialization is the root canal operation and surgery and other kinds of therapies helpful in dealing with the serious oral cases.

Oral and Maxillofacial Dentists

This particular dental professional covers dentistry and pathology that affects the oral and maxillofacial region. There are series of tests conducted to diagnose such problems and this is how an oral or maxillofacial dentist can possibly meet his aims. These are just some of the many kinds of services that different dentist of their own field have. There’s much more for you to learn on where to go to in dealing with your specific oral problem. Get your own dentist now and be delighted of the service that they can give.

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