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Negative Impact from Toxic Cleaning Products-Things To Know

As we live and breathe, we ordinarily do not give much thought to the air we breathe in our homes. Making sure there are fewer chemicals and toxins in the air around us is important, promoting safety and better health for ourselves and our families, babies and children. Yet, according to studies and information from the EPA, the air in the average home can contain 50-100 times more pollutants than those in the air outdoors.Do you want to learn more? Visit source.

There are toxic chemicals in many of our home cleaning products, and these poisonous fumes can linger in the atmospheres of our homes. Cleaning products such as household detergents, disinfectants, and even certain air fresheners to name a few, are filled with toxic chemicals.

Cleaners used in bathrooms and kitchens, polishes used on furniture, and floor and carpet cleaners can cause chronic health concerns. These can range from respiratory problems and allergies to certain types of cancers and other chronic illnesses. These chemical cleaning products can even cause burns on the skin, can irritate the esophagus, eyes and throat.

Some of the most hazardous cleaning products are drain and toilet bowl cleaners. The fumes from these solutions contain harmful substances such as ammonia and chlorine bleach. These are strong poisons, and if combined can emit toxic gases which can be harmful to ourselves, our children and babies.

These cleaners are washed down our drains into sewers which lead to waterways such as lakes and rivers, and they eventually reach the ocean. These strong and hazardous chemicals are harmful to wildlife and plant life, and can harm our environment.

Natural and organic household cleaners are much healthier, and they are great alternatives for our safety as well as for the environment. Green cleaners are the best choice for maintaining our health, and they are much safer for our families, babies and children. We must take the time to read labels and do our research to find the cleaners which contain more natural ingredients. We want our homes to be a safe environment for our families, and babies especially can be susceptible to harmful fumes.